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Behind the Typewriter

Danielle Hark is a writer, artist, and mental health advocate who lives with bipolar disorder and PTSD. Her poetry, essays, and art have been featured in countless publications, journals, anthologies, and exhibits, including the Huffington Post, Upworthy, Tulane Review, Philadelphia Stories, High Shelf Press, and Harbor Review.


Danielle and her work have been featured in documentaries, news programs, and interviews, including BBC, NBC, NY Times, and OC87 Recovery Diaries on PBS


Danielle enjoys leading lectures and workshops, sharing her story and the mental health benefits of creativity, including a TEDx talk in 2016. She has given presentations on therapeutic photography at high schools, colleges, national conferences, and places of worship. 

Danielle lives and creates in New Jersey with her husband, two sassy young daughters, two and a half ukuleles, a Samoyed pup, a Scottish Fold cat, and a typewriter named Cori Blue. 

Broken Light Collective

Danielle is the founder and director of Broken Light Collective, a 501(c)3 non-profit that empowers people living with or affected by mental illness. BLC strives to create safe and accepting environments where people can display their photographic work and stories, as well as inspire one another to keep going and keep creating, despite the dark or scary places in which they may find themselves.


**Danielle is available for speaking engagements on therapeutic photography upon request.

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