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Published Work

Journals and Magazines:

Grimscribe Press: Haunted and Burned (poem)

Arts Mid-Hudson: Abandoned Doll (poem)


Burning House Press: Death Stopped By My Bed (poem)

                                       Longing (poem)

Down in the Dirt Magazine: Abandoned Doll (poem)

                                                  Captive (poem) 

                                                  Dream or Premonition (poem)  

                                                  Institutional Mirrors (poem)

Grimscribe Press: Vasterien: Daddy's Departure (poem)

                                                   Betrayal (mixed media)

                                                   Burnt (mixed-media)

                                                   Putrid Face (mixed-media)

                                                   Trapped (mixed-media)


Harbor Review:  Ain’t Got Nobody (Visual Poetry)

                             Bound (photography)

                             Contemplation (photography)

                             Fury (mixed-media)


High Shelf Press: Tethered

Journal of Compressed Creative Arts: Dark in Here (Visual Poetry)

                                                                   Empty Cage (Visual Poetry)

                                                                   Nothingness (Visual Poetry)

                                                                   Silenced (Visual Poetry)

                                                                   Starved (Visual Poetry)

                                                                   Why Can’t I Fly (Visual Poetry)

Litro Magazine: Cracked (photography)

                             Dissociated (photography)

                             Release (photography)

                             Trapped (mixed media)

                             Whirl (photography)

                             Freedom (photography - COVER)


Magnolia Review: Call Her Jenga (poem)

                                Darkened Halls of My Mind (poem)


                                Holy Child (poem)

                                Round & Round (Visual Poetry)

                                Rub a Dub (Visual Poetry)

                               The Tomb (poem)

                               Without Breath (poem)

                               Glass Tears (mixed-media)

                               Integration (painting)

                               Mixed Emotions (painting)

Meat For Tea: The Valley Review (art)

Philadelphia Stories: Release (photography)

Tulane Review: Childhood Found (mixed-media)

                            Inner Child (photography)

Unstamatic: Reminiscence (photography)


When Home is Not Safe Anthology (4 poems)

Tell Me More Anthology, East Jasmine Review, Released (poem)

Raven Chronicles: Take a Stand: Art Against Hate Anthology (mixed-media)

The i'Mpossible Project: Changing Minds, Breaking Stigma, Achieving The Impossible!

Real People, Real Stories: Life With Bipolar Disorder 


Coaching Perspectives IV


       Scary Mommy

Until the PPD Hit

      Huffington Post

Coming Out of the Bipolar Closet 

      Scary Mommy

I’m In The Midst Of A Major Depression Relapse, And This Is How I’m Surviving

      International Bipolar Foundation

Facing a Psychiatric Hospitalization


7 Myths You Shouldn't Believe About Staying in a Mental Hospital

      The Mighty

How to Support a Loved One in a Psychiatric Hospital

The Secret Truths of a Bipolar Girl

      Sweatpants and Coffee

The Painted Tree: A Story of Life, Love and Depression 


      Huffington Post

5 Ways Acting Like a Kid Can Improve Your Mental Health


How Taking Photos Can Improve Your Mental Health


Just Breathe: A Simple Exercise and 10 Songs Reminding You to Breathe

12 Ways Your Pet Can Improve Your Mental Health


Fun Ways Mental Health Professionals De-Stress

      Dr. Oz's YouBeauty

Stop Being A Perfectionist

Stress and Your Cycle: Beyond PMS



How to Live Mindfully


Anyone Can Meditate


Better Sleep Tonight


Stress-Reducing Stretches


Ways Your Workplace Is Bad For Your Health


Create a Calming Oasis in Your Office or Home


7 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

15 Ways to Reduce Stress in 15 Minutes or Less

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